General underfloor Installation:

1. Clean and flatten the area.

2. If the area is wet, remove moist completely and waterproof or place vinyl over the surface.

3. Place insulation pad and fix the pads on the ground with OPP Tape. If you want to improve heat efficiency, please use thicker pads.

4. Cut the edge of insulation pads according to each end of surface.

5. Leave about 5cm at the end of the pad and make space for the wires go through. If the wires go between the pad, leave about 2 ~3 cm distance from each pad.

6. Place Hot Film on insulation pad.

7. When placing films, keep 10 ~ 20 cm distance from the wall. Also, place at least 1cm distance from each film.

8. When cutting the film, always follow the dot line marked with scissors diagram.

9. Do not go over the length limit of the film.

10. Fix the film with OPP Tape, Paper Tape or electric tape.

Finishing Installation

  • Cut the special insulation tape into wide pieces and insulate the cut spots of copper foil on heating film with the special insulation tape against moisture.
  • Measure the resistances of all heating films installed by a resistance meter
  • Calculate the power consumption.
  • Put the mold for electric wire close to power outlet and arrange the wires into the mold.
  • Fix the thermostat close to power outlet.
  • Before operating the thermostat, please check the wiring of the heating film and if you have current leakage tester please check leakage current.
  • Start the thermostat and check the temperature of heating film with thermal measuring tool.
  • In case of floor finishing is laminate floor, cover the heating film with non-woven fabric for protection.
  • In case of floor finishing is linoleum, deco tile you need to install protection board on the heating film.
    (when you install the protection board, 5mm spacing is required)
  • Install the laminate floor, linoleum, deco-tile as floor finishing.