About the TERMOFOL brand

Termofol is a manufacturer offering high quality heating devices – heating films and mats, thermoregulators, mirror films, infra-red panels and photovoltaic installations.

We are a company that focuses on innovative solutions and at every level of our business we always strive to satisfy our clients. Our products are available in 12 European countries and our network of installers comprises over 600 entities.



Products offered by TERMOFOL are characterized by reliability, modern form, energy efficiency and compliance with European Union directives.

What do we aim for?

The aim of our company is to constantly improve the quality, providing the highest quality service and working on expanding our offer. Numerous awards and medals received both in Poland and abroad are the proof of our efforts.

Training programme

TERMOFOL also develops its own educational program for contractors. Extensive training program includes selection, design, execution of heating installations as well as operation of TERMOFOL Designer software.