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Photovoltaics is an excellent source of financial optimisation for companies

Why is it worth?

Why will using RES benefit your company?


The use of photovoltaics is not only a convenient solution for households, but also an important source of financial optimisation for companies.

More and more companies choose to reduce their electricity bill costs by installing a photovoltaic system. Gaining energy independence in an environment of constantly rising electricity prices is an important way to reduce the costs of business. The so-called photovoltaic micro installations are a useful solution here. Systems up to 50 kWp are not subject to registration, and their construction and installation are not subject to additional legal and technical conditions.

However, the company decides by itself on the power that the installation shall have. Any surplus electricity produced can always be sold to an energy company at a profit for your business.


Lower electricity bills

The use of the offered solution has several main advantages. The first is the obvious financial profits achieved in the medium term. The operation of specialised equipment and machines requires a high level of electricity consumption. The prices of the latter constantly rise and will continue to rise, according to expert forecasts. Analyses allow for the possibility of reducing electricity bills by up to 70% using solar panels. Such a solution is more and more often chosen by companies in hotels, office buildings or various types of service premises.

Reduction of production costs

Thanks to photovoltaics, overall production costs in the company can be reduced due to the reduction of energy consumption of individual devices, machines or vehicles. The long-term performance of photovoltaic solutions guarantees energy independence and the reduction of such costs even for 30-35 years.

The need for calm

An investment in photovoltaics guarantees the entrepreneur peace of mind. They do not need to be always up to date with changes in electricity tariffs, analyse EU policies or fear the electricity rises announced each year. Our company guarantees that the costs of purchase of a photovoltaic installation return under company conditions as early as 10 years after the purchase.