All those interested who wish to gain qualifications, entitling them to install heating installations based on heating films and mats, are invited to our trainings.

We offer training for installers and authorization.


The trainings can be attended by people who:

  1. Have a basic vocational or equivalent education in the field of installation of sanitary, power, heating, cooling or electrical equipment and installations.
  2. Want to extend the scope of their activities by the assembly or sale of heating installations.
  3. Want to expand their knowledge in the field of electrical heating systems
  4. Want to become authorized TERMOFOL installers


The training is divided into two parts – theoretical and practical

The theoretical part of the training covers the scope of division, specification, selection and designing of heating systems based on TERMOFOL products

The practical part is the installation of heating systems. Future installers will learn how to properly connect and program thermoregulators and how to avoid installation errors.

The number of participants is limited, therefore prior registration is required. In order to apply for the training you need to fill in the form which can be found in the link below.